The Bellwether- Distribution!

So at the end of 2017/early 2018 I was working on a project formally known as Joanne, and now called The Bellwether. In VERY EXCITING NEWS it now has distribution from Cardinal XL and Giant Interactive! It will be dropping on North American VOD on the 12th of February, and running in LA between February 15th and 21st at the Arena Cinemalounge.

PLUS it gets a mention in The Hollywood Reporter. Particularly excited about that bit, as it’s the first time a film I’ve scored has been mentioned.

If you’re based in North America and would like to pre-order the film, please click here. If we can get 200 pre-orders, the algorithm will put us in a higher spot, so any support would be much appreciated!

Cups Score

Slightly belatedly- the score for Cups is up! Find it here:

At the moment I'm busy writing music for a new music library and two shorts, Ground Rush and Death Is Just A Feeling. I'm also working away on the new EP and developing some music videos with a new app called Twirm.

For more regular updates, feel free to follow me on social media using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Classified Freaks- Release Date Announced

The web series I've been scoring for the better part of the last year is finally going to be released! Classified Freaks Episode 1 will be broadcasting on the 24th of March at 7pm. It's the first production by director Shuhel Ahmed, and it's looking pretty great! Details are available here: 

End of year roundup!

So... I got a bit distracted at the end of the year and ran out of time to update things. Sorry! Here's a general update-

1) Instagram! I'm now on there. If you fancy seeing pictures I've taken, come find me! 

2) Disavowed won two awards at Rack Festival; "Outside The Box" and "Audience Choice". To celebrate, selections from the score are now available here.

3) Biggest news last- I released a charity single in December! All profits from it are going to the Alzheimer's Society. The Alzheimer's Society are a cause very close to my heart, so I re-wrote one of my favourite carols, In The Bleak Midwinter, to raise money for them. It's a little past the season now, but if the January blues are making you fancy getting next year's Christmas music sorted, head to the link above and check it out.