Jo is an experienced teacher. She has privately taught violin, piano and composition for the last three years and has a DipABRSM in violin tuition. She is DBS certified.

Jo is currently beginning a new teaching project aimed at equipping students to excel in their GCSE music composition module. She offers a range of options for schools, including a five day intensive, five one day workshops, attendance within music lessons, and a one day key composition skills workshop. These sessions will equip young musicians to become confident composers and to achieve good marks in their GCSE composition. If you are interested in Jo running a workshop in your school, please get in touch using the contact page.

Jo also teaches composition as part of creative learning projects, regularly partnering with Birmingham theatre company Stan’s Cafe to explore teaching parts of the curriculum in new and exciting ways. Projects have included leading composition workshops to develop scores for a rocket trip to the moon and for radio plays about Ancient China. Jo also worked on the Echo Eternal- Echo 1 project, recording young violinists and pianists and teaching basic composition, and worked with young percussionists as part of a production of Merchant of Venice which was performed at Shakespeare's New Place in Stratford. She has also run workshops as part of the first year undergraduate composition programme at the University of Birmingham, under the guidance of the composition professors.


Jo is a member of the Musician’s Union and her teaching fees align with the Union Rates.

Instrumental Teaching- £34 per hour (£17 per 30 minutes)

Schools Workshops- £200 per day (this is a flat rate across both planning days and days facilitating workshops in school)