Jo is based in Birmingham and is a proud honorary Brummie. She specialises in scoring plays and films, and particularly enjoys writing for piano, violin, electronics, and orchestra. Her favourite style to compose in is minimalism, but she also enjoys scoring for orchestras, strings, piano, and writing glitch music.

Jo has worked in features, shorts, web series and podcasts in many genres. The features that she has scored are available to stream via Amazon Prime. Highlights of her work to date include Reunification, a feature documentary which won awards at festivals worldwide, one woman feminist thriller The Bellwether, which is being distributed by Giant Pictures and Cardinal XD, 51 States, a short dystopian scifi film for sarangi, electronics and strings, and Mind’s Eye, a VR film about dementia.

Jo has a masters degree in composition from the University of Birmingham, having specialised in combining acoustic and electronic sound worlds. During her undergraduate she specialised in romantic violin performance practice and acoustic composition. She has studied with Jonty Harrison and Michael Zev Gordon. She often works alongside Stan’s Cafe to deliver creative learning opportunities in schools.

From June 2019, Jo has been part of BAFTA Crew X BFI Network.


Reunification is a documentary by Alvin Tsang. It received special jury mention at San Diego Asian Film Festival, and toured international festivals.

"REUNIFICATION is Tsang’s poetic and self-reflexive exploration of many unresolved years... Backed by an achingly beautiful score, the film moves moodily across different channels and modes, bending into labor histories and Hong Kong’s colonial trajectories, wading in the mire of nostalgia, grief, and confusion that is his past."

This score was created on no budget in the living room of a one bedroom flat, recording the violin through a broken mixing desk and a single microphone. The score is minimalist and focuses on creating a sense of light and space, through electronics, piano, and violin.


51 States

A dystopian sci-fi film by Cassandra Virdee exploring racism in the UK and cultural identity. Scored for sarangi, double bass, percussion and electronics. Currently in post production.


The Darkest Corner

A film by Alec Jordan, and his fourth partnership with Jo. An orchestral score with a dark twist. Currently in post production.


Tower Of Fate

A puzzle game with a dark twist. Tower of fate is currently going through crowdfunding. Find more details here.



A short documentary style film about a man searching for the legendary Kalkitta.


Up To The Light

An indie dev arcade style game. Up To The Light is the first of a trilogy. Currently in production.



A short film by director Rochelle Fetters about domestic and sexual abuse. Currently in post-production.



A (very) short psychological horror film. Currently in production.



A short film about two sisters. Currently in pre-production.


The Imperfect Machine

A short documentary about dementia, perceived through the lens of one family. The score is predominantly soundscape, featuring electronics, piano, cello and double bass.


Ground Rush

A short documentary following Alex Miziuk, a base jumper. Directed by Bella Meyer, Ground Rush features stunning footage captured from wing suits combined with interviews with Alex and his family as he weighs the risk of his sport against his passion. The score combines minimalist electronics with acoustic guitars, pulsing percussion and EDM inspired electronics. Coming to festivals 2019.



A short experimental short directed by Kirsty Sturgess, examining culture and identity. The score is for strings, piano, Bawu, Dizi, Erhu and electronics.


Subject 256

A short sci-fi film that showed at festivals during 2018. The score is for electronics and orchestra.


Mind’s Eye

Mind’s Eye is a VR film about dementia currently being developed for Occulus. The score is not currently available due to distribution, but combines glitch with minimalist violins and piano.


Death Is Just A Feeling

A short thriller-horror film about parents who can't let go of their child. The score is for solo piano and voice. Coming to festivals 2018/19!


Night Of The Screamer

Jo's third film with director Alec Jordan, Night Of The Screamer follows a woman who becomes haunted after a miscarriage. Screamer  will be continuing to show at festivals during 2019. The hummed melody was the first part of the score to be created, and the majority of the rest of the score was created by applying musique concrete techniques to the vocal line to generate thick, electronic-esque sounds. Supporting instruments include piano and synths created in Zebra 2.



Cups is a short horror-comedy about a man who learns the value of recycling the hard way. The score includes classic horror influences through to spaghetti western style music.


The Bellwether

A one-woman, feminist thriller with teeth and guts. After premiering at Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival in April 2018, The Bellweather will be distributed by Giant Pictures and Cardinal XD. The score is comprised of dissonant electronics, drones, and voices.



Disavowed is a short thriller about Linus, a child of neglect who comes face to face with his past and must take control of his life in an unorthodox way. Disavowed won the "Outside The Box" and "Audience Choice" awards at Rack Festival in November 2016. The score was created using East West samples, and to illustrate Linus' growth, the music gradually morphs from classical to rock.


Classified Freaks

Classified Freaks is a superhero-inspired, London-based web series. A group of gifted individuals come to realise that they are meant for something greater, but in order to pursue their destiny they must first evade capture from a ruthless organisation that is hell bent on controlling them. The score was created using various East West sample libraries.


Between The Lines

Between The Lines is a new drama-comedy from director Joe Zarobinski.  The pilot is currently in production.


Billion To One

Billion To One is a web series created by Collab Feature. I was one of a selection of composers working on the score. The episodes are available here.



Bespoke is a short student piece, telling the story of a down and out man who goes into a upmarket suit shop. The score was rendered using East West Orchestra Platinum.


Still Chaos

Still Chaos is an experimental film from director Jamie Benyon.. The film showed at Enconters Film Festival. Jamie and I hope to work together again on a film called When Night Falls- watch this space! The score was rendered using East West Symphonic Choirs.


The Magnetic Diaries

A new piece of writing from author Sarah James, Magnetic Diaries is a one woman poetry play. Em Bailey is a modern day Madam Bovary, struggling to balance motherhood, wifehood, and her spiralling mental health. The score was inspired by concepts of microtonality, and uses piano, violin and electronics. The show has toured around the UK including a run at Edinburgh Fringe in 2016. Click the link below to hear the score, which is also available for purchase.


House of Bernarda Alba

Jo's first play, this score was created after meticulously listening to and analysing traditional Spanish folk songs and palmas rhythms. Jo subsequently wrote a cappella music inspired by this research to lyrics by award winning writer David Johnston. The score was performed live on stage by the singers. Please get in touch if you'd like to hear this score.


Hide & Seek

Hide and Seek was directed by Jo Rush. It was a devised piece based loosely on a story by Carol Ann Duffy of a fairy tale gone wrong. It ran at the Edinburgh Fringe in a tiny and wonderful venue in 2014. This song provided the end of the score.



Honey has had a successful mini-tour around the Midlands in 2016/17, and toured nationally in 2018. It's the story of an autistic boy, his alcoholic mother, and the people who want to love them. The score is folk infused and was initially performed live during each performance, featuring fiddle, guitar and voice. For the second run the score was pre-recorded. Please get in touch if you'd like to hear this score.


Miscellaneous Things


Enough Said

A short minimalist piece for piano, electronics, and various other instruments, created using various East West sample libraries.



An electronic piece created to accompany a piece of spoken word at a carol service, with a few world instruments and piano thrown in for good measure. 


The Beauty Of Nothing

A short ambient piece for electronics and piano, using various East West sample libraries.


The Sky, The Sky

One of Jo's first compositions, and the first time a lot of her favourite techniques were tried out. Created using FL Studio 9.



A rare piece of pure classical music, written by following various self-imposed rules. Written, performed and recorded by Joanna Karselis.


...when all around is fading...

This piece was originally intended to be a study in orchestration. It utilises a few themes which are used over waves of harmony.

The piece won the University of Birmingham Composition Competition in 2012, judged by film composer Patrick Doyle, and is performed here by the UMS at the Brammal building.


...out of the ashes...

The electronic version of a piece Jo plans to modify at some point to form the basis of a movement for a violin sonata. The piece was written for a competition. The brief was to write a two minute piece on the theme of rising. Piece composed in FL Studio 9 and Reaper




Népdal was written whilst studying with Michael Zev Gordon. Népdal focuses on letting each note sound and die away, with occasional moments of focus existing alongside the general wash of colour. Piece rendered using Sibelius 7.


This Vagabond Life

A set of three pieces for piano, manipulated harp and electronics. Again there are contrasting moments of focus over a general wash of harmonic colour. Pieces created in Reaper using East West sound libraries.


Here Be Dragons

Created using a Roland System 1 Synth, various East West libraries, and Reaper.


Lost In The Puddles

This short piece is for piano, electronics, synthesiser, and small orchestra. Created using various East West samples and a Roland System 1.


The Other Road

Written for synth, piano, strings, and alto flute, using various East West sample libraries and Reaper.


In Summer's Rain

This short piece has an uplifting and relaxing feel to it and was created using East West libraries and Reaper.